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While listings and databases may seem old fashioned in the modern age of the internet, they are still a major signal to most search engines that information is accurate. What does that mean for you? Well, if your company information isn’t found on a lot of the signaling sites, then Google, Bing, and even Apple’s Siri won’t rank your business as high. And, if the information is incorrect, then you could be missing out on incoming leads!

407 Marketing can help fix this problem by updating all your information on over 40 different listing sites and directory databases. This improves your SEO score by increasing the confidence that search engines have in your information. So, the next time someone asks Siri to call your company, you can rest assured she’s calling the right number!

Like them or not, Digital Assistants like Siri and Alexa are quickly taking over the search world. If you don’t want to miss out on incoming calls, then you need to make sure your information is correct!

Scott Walker

How It Works

Using the widget below, type in your business information and do a quick listing scan. This will query a handful of the most dependable directories, listing sites, and databases on the web and show you how your information appears on those sites. If there’s a lot of missing information, then you could be missing out on valuable leads and Search Engine rankings!

Do you see a lot of incorrect information or missing listings? We can help! Our listing service can go in to each of these sites, create or correct your business information, and keep it updated if it ever changes! You’ll see your search rankings increase over time and you can rest assured people are calling the wrong number or showing up at an old location (or worse, your competitor’s location!)


Pricing for the Listing Services starts at $100 a month. Due to the nature of this service, we do require at least 3 months of on going service, but we can offer discounts for extended coverage. Even better, if you want this listing service along with some of our other SEO or web management services, we can often bundle it for a significant discount!

Ready to get started?

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