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Our Review Generation tool is a Must-Have for any service-oriented company. Did you know that Google Reviews are the one of the most important signals to Local SEO? A high rating and lots of reviews will put you ahead of all of your competition, and bring in more customers. This feedback loop can take you from the New Kid on the Block to the Blockbuster Superstar!

The majority of modern shoppers check online reviews before going with a company. Reviews are the new Word-of-Mouth; don’t get left behind!

Scott Walker

How It Works

Set-up is really simple! We hook our software into whatever program you might use to handle customers: usually a CRM system, but we can hook it into all kinds of systems. We’ve hooked it into Medical Practice programs, Law firm platforms, Dealer Management Systems, and more. And, if you don’t use a system, we can even do it with a daily .CSV!

Once we’re hooked into your system, we’ll build a custom page that will go out to customers via email or text. We’ll use your colors, fonts, and logos, making it look like it is coming directly from you. Then, when you complete a job for a customer, it’ll send that page (a sample is pictured above) to customers, prompting them to leave reviews.

What about bad reviews? Bad reviews happen, and not every customer will leave happy. To mitigate this issue, we’ll send them the option to contact us directly. That way, if you can head them off before they leave the review, you might be able to save the customer!

You may have heard about Google removing reviews or the government cracking down on “Review Gating”. With our service, you won’t have to worry about that at all! We don’t gate our reviews, so there’s no risk of Google removing our reviews. In fact, this is a Google-approved system that will continue to bring in more reviews and better local search rankings!


Pricing for the Review Generator starts at $225 a month. This will cover the cost of setting up the software, designing the message sent to customers, and the messaging costs each month. Due to the software costs involved in our Review Generator software, we are able to offer a discount if you have multiple locations! If you have multiple storefronts, ask us about our bulk discounts! We can also offer some limited discounts with a year-long contract – by paying or a year in advance, we can more efficiently use our software resources and pass the savings on to you!

Ready to get started?

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