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Local Boost Pro is a new service 407 Marketing provides for our local business clients. This service is particularly powerful for in-person or on-premise businesses in a city. Want to be the first place to pop up when someone searches “Best Fried Chicken in Frisco” or “Cheapest Oil Change in Oak Lawn”? Then Local Boost Pro is what you need.

Local Boost Pro shows you where your businesses ranks throughout your neighborhood

Local Boost Pro works by using hyper-local, hyper-targeted search terms to increase your presence in local search. You know those first few search results that show up on Google Maps? This service can rocket you to the top of those in less than 30 days.

While the cost may be daunting to some, the results justify the budget. The speed of the results alone makes it worth the monthly investment.

Scott Walker

How It Works

Using a programmatic approach, we use technology to query your local search ranking in varying distances from your business. We focus on keywords that people actually search for, then target those to make sure you’re showing up #1 in your neighborhood. Then, we deploy specialized landing pages that send the right signals to search engines, improving your search ranking. Throughout the process, we’ll show you the results so you can track your ranking. But, we’re pretty sure the foot traffic alone will prove the results.

Set-up and Time-To-Live is quick and painless. We’ll work with you to derive a handful of keywords you want to rank first on, the target area in which you want to rank, and then get to work on deployment. While Local Boost Pro can be used by itself, we suggest combining this with one of our other services such as SEO Basic, SEO Plus, or Rapid Review Generator.


Pricing for Local Boost Pro depends on a few factors: size of target area, number of locations, and number of keywords you’re targeting. Our smallest package starts at $375 a month for small businesses, while most companies fall into the $725 per month service level. For larger companies we offer a $1,225 monthly package that reaches far more people. For multiple locations or those needing a very large service area, we can work on a custom package that fits your needs.

That’s a lot of money. I don’t think I can afford it.” is the first thing we often hear about this program. The truth is, that investment will pay off within the first 30 days and every day afterward. Additionally, we can offer a massive 20% discount if paid upfront for 12 months. So, instead of paying $375 a month, you’ll only be paying $300; instead of $725, you’ll pay $570; instead of $1,225 you’ll only pay $980. That’s a lot of savings for something that will explode the amount of site, phone, and foot traffic you get within the first month of use.

Ready to get started?

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