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SEO is the foundation of every modern marketing plan. Strong SEO not only brings in steady traffic each month, it also increases the effectiveness of every other type of campaign you run! If people can’t find you when they search on Google, Bing, or somewhere else, then any offline ad you run will be severely limited in results. That’s why we suggest all our clients start with an SEO plan before jumping into any ad buy.

Every campaign should start with strong SEO.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a fancy term for making sure Google (and other search engines) can find and read your site. Without a strong foundation of SEO, when people search for your business they may end up on your competitors’ websites instead of yours. Most people don’t type websites directly into their browser, they usually type your business name and go to the first result they see. If your site isn’t popping up first, then you’re probably missing out on tons of traffic!

Every campaign should start with SEO. Otherwise, you’re just wasting money on getting people to your competitors’ websites.

Scott Walker

How It Works

Optimizing your website for Google, Bing, and other search engines is a simple yet complicated process I like to call the 5 Cs of SEO:

  • Crawl
  • Code
  • Company
  • Copy/Content
  • Customers

We start by making sure search engines can properly crawl and index your site. You’d be amazed at the number of sites that tell Google not to crawl and index them.

Then, we move on to the site code. Having the site laid out cleanly and logically helps the search engines match your site up to searchers and makes sure your site is sending the right signals to the algorithms.

“Company” consist of ensuring your business’s information is correct across listing services and databases. This also means ensuring that your company’s business profile is showing properly to searchers (this is especially pivotal to local businesses!)

In the Copy and Content stage, we refine the site copy to rank highly for your most valuable keywords. We also add new pages to your website specifically designed to draw new visitors to your website.

The final (and most important) aspect of our SEO strategy is the Customer. By focusing on the Customer’s Experience, we craft pages that mimic the way your customers look for your business. We also recode parts of your site to ensure the customer has a pleasant experience when browsing your site. We also go after reviews and testimonials from your happy customers to entice potential clients to consider your business.


407 Marketing’s 5 Cs of SEO is the basis of all our SEO campaigns.

For smaller and newer websites, we think our SEO Basic plan will fit nicely. This plan is very affordable at $300 per month. This plan covers approximately 5 hours worth of hands-on SEO work on your website using proven techniques that are Google-approved so they won’t end up hurting you in the long run. Our methods have proven time and time again to steadily increase Organic traffic to our clients’ websites and lead to more calls, more leads, and more sales.

For those with larger sites and more focus keywords, the SEO Plus plan might be the right fit. We also offer a SEO Custom plan for those with particular needs, multiple sites, or ecommerce websites. Additionally, we offer some Boosters that can provide drastic increases to your Local Search rankings.

Ready to get started?

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