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407 Marketing has been working with Firebird Targets since 2018. Throughout the years, we have done everything from website maintenance, email marketing, social media marketing, industry representation, event marketing, influencer marketing, lead generation, ecommerce sales, and more. You name it, we’ve done it.

Recently, however, we’ve worked with the Firebird Targets team to create a new website that matches their new business model. This was a big change from their old platform and required a decent amount of integration, custom coding, and content creation. Here’s what Firebird Targets needed on their new website:

  • Video-centric design that shows website visitors how fun Firebird Targets can be
  • Informative content to educate the customer on the benefits of the product compared to competitors
  • Where to Buy: Dual sales model combining off-site ecommerce and on-premise sales in multiple location
  • Safety-first mindset to focus on the safe and proper use of the product
  • Abundant content for years to come
  • Matches current branding theme, but refreshes in a more modern approach

That’s a tall order in web design, but 407 Marketing has done many of these before. We did some initial research into sites with the design aesthetic we wanted for Firebird Targets, and then brainstormed ideas on how to refresh the brand image through the website. We also started developing our technology stack that we’d use to meet the needs of our client.

Click here to View the Firebird Targets Website

Building the New ‘Bird

We started by creating a fresh WordPress install on a staging server. Going from an outdated eCommerce platform to a WordPress platform meant there wasn’t a lot we could copy over, so it best to start fresh. After getting the bones up, we started fleshing out the website. We started by creating new graphics for Firebird Target’s website that would push people to the newsletter, online purchases, finding a nearby retailer, or viewing the safety video.

Our goal was to shape the website into something that would not only Wow the client but also impress every visitor and encourage them to try out the product. We took inspiration from eSports and Sporting Good brands to create an engaging color and texture scheme that we combined with Firebird Target’s current branding assets. As you navigate the site, you’ll see the popping reds sparks stand out on the flay grays and subtle violet gradients.

Adding Functionality to Form

As the website began to take form, we started wiring up the tech stack. This involved the Store Map that populated all the locations where customers could purchase Firebird Targets. We also created some custom code that could allow us to drop in boxes or buttons that pushed customers to the eCommerce sites. As you navgate the site, you’ll see these banners and buttons pop up where appropriate.

The most time consuming portion of the project was transferring in educational and video content to the website. We created custom post types for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Vimeo videos. As new videos get released, we wanted to make it easy for us or Firebird staff to drop in the video link, write a few words and publish it to the website. We also created other custom post types for the FAQ section, the Giving Back section, and the News section. This allowed us to have a cohesive visual story across all the content types while reducing downstream work for the user.

Do you want something like this?

This was a very fun project for us, and we’d love to do something like this again! If you think your product or brand would benefit from a website like this, the let us help! 407 Marketing stands at the ready to help you bring your company into the modern era with a new, fresh website. Contact us to get started!

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