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We started working with Scott Dennett Construction in 2019 when they were looking to upgrade their website with a modern look and more functionality. After working with their team to find out what was most important to their potential and current clients, we set out to create a site that helps them achieve their business goals.

  • Showcase the impressive work they’ve done
  • Build trust with team page
  • Discuss the services offered
  • Generate potential leads
  • Allow people to apply for current job openings
  • Tell the company story and their community involvement

The website shows off the amazing work they’ve done with a visually engaging and informative portfolio function. Since Dennett Construction has been an integral part of reshaping Downtown Fort Worth’s Sundance Square district, we wanted potential clients to see how many Dennett Construction projects they’ve seen without realizing. Using professional photography and working shots, we created a portfolio that highlights each project and shows before, in-progress, and finished projects.

The website also helps potential clients build relationships with the staff with a professional team page. With the team listed and reachable on the website, we’re able to put a face to a name and person to a contact. Potential clients learn they’re not just dealing with Employee A, but rather a living, breathing person that wants the best outcome for the construction project. As such, we also wanted to allow for quick and easy lead generation that isn’t pushy but ever-present.

Te website educated the visitor about the construction process the services offered by Scott Dennett Construction, allowing potential clients to have a grasp on the project. We also created a Giving Back gallery that amplifies the astounding amount of work Dennett Construction does in the community. Fort Worth is a big city with a small town attitude, so knowing that the money you spend on a project is going to go back into the community is very important. Scott Dennett and Dennett Construction are very generous, and we wanted to tell that story by showing organisations and events sponsored.

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