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The Defender Outdoors Shooting Center has been our longest client. (In fact you could say they led to the creation of 407 Marketing.) We helped develop two sites for Defender Outdoors Shooting Center, with the most recent being one of our favorite sites we’ve ever created.

We worked closely with the Defender Outdoors team to find what information their new site needed, what functions their website would serve, and how they wanted all the information presented. We had our work cut out for us, as the website would need to show one cohesive brand, but two separate experiences.

We chose a contemporary design with deep grays and vibrant oranges to bring attention to important information, while using textures and imagery from each experience to differentiate each location.

Since events are a central focus for Defender Outdoors, we created a customized events calendar that allows visitors to see all the events available, or filter just the events they’re interested in. We also focused on the training classes offered by the Shooting Center by building a system that showed all the available training classes that could be filtered by general interest, and then show all the future time slots for that class.

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Robin Smith

We feel the look and function of this site far surpass any other sites in this industry, and we’re glad we were able to be part of this project.

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