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New Year, New Marketing

A new year comes along with new possibilities and opportunities for growth in your business. The world of advertising and marketing is an ever changing landscape that never sleeps. In saturated markets, it’s more important than ever to maintain a distinct, cohesive identity while also standing out to your ideal clients. Here’s a few ways that 407 Marketing can help you hit your business goals:





1. Branding


Your business’s visual identity is one of the determining factors in your levels of success. We offer full branding services that incorporate aspects of your core values while also implementing strategy that will appeal to your target audience. Whether it be through a new set of logos, business cards, email signatures, or signage – we are a one stop shop for all things branding. 



2. Web Development & Maintenance 


Your website is your digital storefront. Odds are there are many other business that offer the same product you do, but do their websites look and feel legitimate? When someone views your website, it only takes 10 seconds for that person to click off of it or continue viewing. 10 seconds is all you have to prove your value.

We pride ourselves on building dynamic, functional, and profession websites that will attract your clients and keep them there. 

3. Social Media 


Showing your audience that you are a business that’s still operating is essential. No one wants to do business with a brand that has no online presence. We get it- social media is tasking and intimidating. We are here to solve that problem. We offer social media management that can be custom tailored to your businesses needs. Businesses that have been utilizing social media channels for at least two years have seen a 50% increase in revenue. Let’s get started today!

4. SEO


Ensuring that your business is at the top of all search results is key. SEO is vital to your business and ensuring you are able to be found by your target audience. We offer multiple SEO packages that can be best suited for your needs. It is important to note, SEO is not an overnight solution. It takes months for search engines to recognize your business through strategic keyboarding. The sooner we begin optimizing your site for SEO, the faster you will see results.